Labortary Quantity Control

Labortary and Quality Assurance 

Attention to details. There are two ways to gauge product quality: scientifically and aesthetic: how a item looks  feels to the touch, both methods are vital no electronic technology can replace the hands-on management required when dealing with multiple manufacturing site in Asia and multiple product lines.

Our teams of experienced  quality assurance inspectors, who have been rigorously trained and using external and in house training facilities.

Managing all aspects of Quality control on behalf of our clients, monitoring everything from ticketing to testing. Utilizing our own testing laboratory in Shenzhen China and our sister companies testing facility in Germany ensures our meet all of the requirement for testing , quality, safety and functionality of there items.

Acton either works to its client specific quality specification and procedures or Acton’s own extensive range of quality manuals, many our clients choose to adopt Actons procedures in conjunction with there own.

Our quality-control procedures include vigorous on-site inspection of raw materials, examination of in-line production, and pre-shipment final inspection process that adheres to internationally recognized procedural standards. We have an extremely well equipped  in-house laboratory, located in our Shenzhen, China.  Where we are able to perform quality inspections as well as product tests to ensure optimum standards of our products.

Tests and certifications of products by well-established testing institutes can be arranged as well.

Our field support staff of technicians, quality-assurance inspectors and social-compliance officers, who make up one third of  workforce, ensures that our clients’ merchandise is made to the highest quality standards, in an ethical work environment, meeting the environmental concerns and shipped on time.

Our trained field-staff continually visit inspections Further, social compliance officer verifiers’ that the manufacturers are in 100% compliance with strict Code of Conduct. Additionally, unannounced “spot checks” help assure adherence to the strictest compliance program. This constant factory presence also ensures real time production tracking.